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Subway beauty

Subway ceiling

Subway ceiling

If you’ve ever smiled at the little brass men in the 14th St subway station or admired the colorful tilework at City Hall station in New York City, I think you’ll agree that this subway ceiling taken inside a Taiwan station blows all that out of the water. Standing underneath it, I really felt like I was looking up from beneath the ocean surface. Beautiful. The rest of the subway was impressively clean and pleasant as well, despite the crowds.

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7-Eleven in Taiwan

Two bits of trivia:

7-Eleven stores are ubiquitous in Taiwan, with a density in the major cities that rivals that of Starbucks in Manhattan.

7-Eleven in Taiwan is open 24 hours a day. But it’s still called 7-Eleven, not Twenty Four. Weird.

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Fun things I’m not doing

I’ve been getting increasingly miffed at all the fun things I’m not doing while I tend to Very Important Life Matters™, the latest being getting drunk. Also on my not-to-do list:

So what the heck am I doing instead?! I’m sorting through the mountain of photos I took during my recent trip to Taiwan! Here’s one I took of some food carts at the base of one of the many temples I visited. There is nothing quite like the agony of standing under the baking sun, trying to decide whether you want ice cream or squid in your waffle cone…

food carts

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