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Subway beauty

Subway ceiling

Subway ceiling

If you’ve ever smiled at the little brass men in the 14th St subway station or admired the colorful tilework at City Hall station in New York City, I think you’ll agree that this subway ceiling taken inside a Taiwan station blows all that out of the water. Standing underneath it, I really felt like I was looking up from beneath the ocean surface. Beautiful. The rest of the subway was impressively clean and pleasant as well, despite the crowds.


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2 Responses

  1. 987s says:

    Was the ceiling stained glass? Is it daylight overhead, or backlit with artificial lights?

    It also seems to depict a comic strip…

  2. corinnas says:

    It is backlit, and while I don’t know what material was used, glass seems like it would be very heavy for such a large ceiling area. The scene wraps 360 degrees around the central pillar on the left side of the photo frame. My guess is colored translucent plastic.

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